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Anu Monga Receives Women in Law Excellence Award from Legal Era Awards

Vibrant image with leaves used as AnantLaw badge to depict Awards and Rankings for providing legal services

10th Annual Legal Era awards was organised virtually on 5 June 2021. Anu Monga, Partner, AnantLaw was ranked and awarded with Women in Law Excellence Award.

About Legal Era: Legal Era – Legal Media Group is a leading integrated media company since 2007. Legal Era services range from crafting and presenting thought leadership publications such as Legal Era, IP Era, digital products, and bespoke information on the business, finance, intellectual property (IP), and investment fields, to creating meaningful opportunities via events and conferences, networks and academies, recruitment and consulting. With an international presence in Singapore, South Africa, UAE, the UK, and the US, our objective is to serve as India’s most credible platform for the global legal community while being a strong go-to bridge between the government and the industry. Legal Era-Legal Media Group is a mega global think tank of expert legal professionals constantly working towards empowering the legal community worldwide since 2007.

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