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With over 1trillion$ of infrastructure projects at stake, IBLJ recognises Cement Cartel Case as Deal of the Year - 2023

2019 Cement Cartel Case making waves

AnantLaw continues to deliver stellar performance against cement manufacturers in Cartel Case. AnantLaw's representation of Builders Association of India (BAI) against the writ petitions filed by Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd, The India Cement Ltd and Ultratech Cement Ltd. has been awarded deal of the year 2023 by India Business Law Journal. Congratulations to our partners Anu Monga and Rahul Goel along with associates Mahima Arora, Aditi Sharma, Kriti Khatri and Devashish Srivastava.

There were significant movements in the 2019 cement cartel case where challenge to BAl's impleadment in the case was dismissed by Hon'ble Madras High Court, and Hon'ble Delhi High Court. Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd and The India Cement Ltd challenged BAI's impleadment before the Hon'ble Madras High Court and Ultratech Cement Ltd. challenged BAI's impleadment before Hon'ble Delhi High Court.

This is not the first time, AnantLaw finds itself delivering first-in-class, best-in-class judgements for our clients. Our partners and professionals don't compete, they set the bar for our competitors. We thank our client, BAI in allowing us to act as their trusted advisor on this case. 

India's Union Minister on Road Transport & Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari has repeatedly shared in National News the significance of resolving the cement cartel cases for over 1 trillion USD infrastructure projects in building India's roads, highways, housing, and industry across the fabric of the nation. Mr. Nitin Gadkari has time and again emphasised that the path to achieve India's Prime Minister, Mr. Narinder Modi's dream of 5 trillion USD economy is truly unlocked by resolving the cement cartelisation matter and creating a level plain field for all infrastructure companies.

Significance of resolving the Cement Cartel Case is evident in independent and consistent media coverage that the case has received across national and international news agencies. This includes, AajTak, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Financial Times, Hindustan Times, CNBC-TV-18, Times of India, The Hindu.

AnantLaw is proud to relentless support and represent BAI, and in-turn all infrastructure companies represented via the association in resolving a critical matter of National Significance, and Nation Building.


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