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Best Newcomer of the

Year, AsiaLaw Awards

vibrant banner to depict AnantLaw Legal Services

We foster intimate client

relationships built on trust,

sincerity, ethics & integrity.

AnantLaw delivers

First-in class, best-in class

legal outcomes for clients,

reshaping jurisprudence.

Innovation is at the core of our DNA, driving the firm's mission to redefine the legal landscape. We aren’t content with the status quo and are committed to push boundaries, embrace new possibilities to drive positive change. One such example is the first ever judgement in India that led to reduction of penalty on the basis of relevant turnover & saved our client >100million US$. It is now the most cited judgement in India's competition law & was awarded 'Deal of the Year' by Indian Business Law.

Our mission is not just to act as trusted advisors but to partner with clients in their growth journey. When clients face daunting challenges, AnantLaw becomes their ally, offering guidance, support, and relentless pursuit of excellence. For example, we represented an US based company in an antidumping investigation by the United States Department of Commerce (US DoC) on quartz surface products to successfully reduce antidumping duties from 161.56% to 3.19%.

First-in class, best in classlegal outcomes for clients,reshaping jurisprudence.

"We engineer legal solutions

that are adept at charting

our clients growth curve"

AnantLaw doesn't compete. Instead,

we lead to set the

bar for competitors

Designed to Deliver

AnantLaw leaders are functional experts in their fields & have been recognised amongst the top 50 Lawyers in Asia.

Proven Track Record

We know very well that old ways don't open new doors. Our work has been recognised with over 30 awards & rankings.

Financial Impact

Our team has positively contributed on balance sheet and profits of companies in excess of 50billion US$

Colourful and bright image depicting AnantLaw's energy to deliver positive legal outcomes and results
colourful and vibrant image depicting Anantlaw's energy to deliver positive legal outcomes and results
Colourful image depicting Anantlaw's energy to positive legal outcomes and results

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colourful and vibrant image depicting Anantlaw's energy to deliver positive legal outcomes and results

we lead to set thebar for competitiors

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