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Challenge to the constitutional validity/ vires of Regulation 46 and 46A of CCI (General) Regulations

Industrial graphic used as a badge to depict constitutional validity of Section 46 of the Competition Act

Tranter India Private Limited has filed a writ petition under Article 226 and 227 of Constitution of India before the Delhi High Court challenging constitutional validity/ vires of Regulation 46 (and the Explanation under it) and 46A of CCI (General) Regulations, 2009. Regulation 46 and Regulation 46A of the CCI (General) Regulations, 2009 empower CCI to regulate appearances by Advocates and also initiate proceedings for misconduct. The said regulations have also been challenged for being unconstitutional and ultra-vires. 

Client Name: Tranter India Pvt. Ltd
Tranter India Pvt Ltd & Ors. v. Union of India & Anr

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