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Centre of Excellence for Competition Law & Policy, GLA University appointed Rahul Goel as member of Advisory Board

The role of Competition laws across jurisdictions and India has evolved especially in the last one decade. The advancement in technology, change in market structure and consumer preferences has made the application of Competition laws all the more complex and challenging. It is in this context, there is a pressing need to advance nuanced debate in Competition law and policy issues between policy makers, practitioners and academicians. Competition law and digital economy are developing rapidly and landmark cases are emerging one after another across various jurisdictions. To facilitate open dialogue on both- pending cases as well as decided cases with some of the insightful experts in this field of law, shall go a long way in developing the jurisprudence and normative foundations of Indian Competition law. It shall help the stakeholders understand and assess the goals of Competition law through the lens of legal philosophy and practitioners’ perspective.

The objective behind setting up of this Centre for Competition Law & Policy under the aegis of Institute of Legal Studies & Research (ILSR), GLA University is to address these gaps and become an active participant in creating a robust competition framework in India. Through, CCLP the goal of the forum members is to engage in interactive dialogues through monthly seminars, regular guest lectures, symposium, Conferences, workshops, training sessions/programs for government official and practitioners, taught courses, online database of research/working papers, active engagement with competition authorities, annual journal and monthly newsletters.

Rahul Goel, Partner, AnantLaw was appointed as member of Advisory Board for the newly established Centre for Competition Law & Policy (CCLP) at GLA University.

CCLP was inaugurated by the Honourable Chairman of Competition Commission Of India – Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, on August 28, 2021.

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